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Antique British Neoclassical William Kent Painting Frame.


This English polychrome painted parcel gilt frame was created in the early 18th century, circa 1730 and designed in the Palladian style. It is attributed to William Kent.. The frame is finely carved and gilded. Each of the four corners has a carved applied blossom. The Kent or Palladian frame style takes its name from William Kent (1685-1748), architect, painter and furniture designer. He was the first indigenous British architect and designer to realize the importance of the picture frame. Kent’s frames are an extension of other architectural features within a room. The dominant features of the Kent frame are the outset corners and rows of classical ornaments such as egg and dart, guilloche and Greek key.


Great antique condition with age appropriate wear and use.



Inner - 17.5”W x 22”H

Outside - 23”W x 26.5”H x 2.75”D


Weight: 5lbs.


Antique British Neoclassical William Kent Painting Frame.

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