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18th Century Tibetan Bronze Shakyamuni Buddha


A rare and important bronze figure of Shakyamuni Buddha. This statue is seated on a beaded lotus base. The finger of the right hand spreads downward in Bhumisparsha Mudra (The earth touching gesture). The buddha has elongated earlobes and prominent nipples and the hair on the head is piled in a tuft on the top. The body is surrounded by a removable Aureole with blooming leaves. A serene facial expression reveals the Tibetan sculptural style. This piece is unquestionably an antique masterpiece. The bronze was fine and crisply casted in the 18th Century and has a warm patina. The overall presence and beauty make this sculpture a precious artistic treasure.


Condition: Good. Wear commensurate with age and use.

Provenance: This Buddha is one of a collection that we are offering from the Crane Estate of Fort Pierce, Florida.


Measurements: H 5 ¾” x W 4” x D 2 ¾”
16 oz

18th Century Tibetan Bronze Shakyamuni Buddha

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