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15th century period Gothic Tabernacle, extremely rare (Medieval) architectural religious art, museum quality ecclesiastical altar piece.


This is an absolutely stunning circa 1450 original Medieval masterpiece tabernacle, a liturgical furnishing used to house the Eucharist. It is constructed of hand carved wood and decorated in Fine polychrome and gilt work. The back panel is painted with an intricate flower design and embellished with small animals and birds. It is executed in egg tempera (the primary panel painting medium for every artist in the European Medieval period). This altarpiece demonstrates all of the German riches of architectural design in the high Gothic of the 15th century. The perfectly carved pinnacles, pointed arch and elaborate ornamentation show the highest level of workmanship. The complexity, scale and overall quality of this altar is unsurpassed. The Coat of Arms, carved and painted on this piece suggest it was a generous gift from a noble and possible royal family to the church. The two carved figures of a King and a Peasant make us aware of the humble equality symbolic in the Eucharist. This tabernacle was created and used in a church before the birth of Michelangelo and before the Reformation by Martin Luther. Wars and the Reformation itself saw the destruction of much of the religious art. It is amazing that this 15th century tabernacle from the Northern part of Germany survived in this war torn country for more than 500 years. This splendid example of ecclesiastical art is a representation of pure high Gothic.


Condition: Original and untouched. Wood construction sound. Polychrome chipped and losses. Wonderful color and patination.

Size: H 52” x W 32” x D 9”

Weight: approximately 66 lbs.

15th C Gothic Tabernacle 4 ft.+ Rare Architectural Religious Art, Museu

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