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19th Century German Baronship Document, Archduke Ludwig III of Hessen


Outstanding document bound with threaded rope in crimson red leather with burnished 24 ct. gold embossed. A wax seal of the Arch Dukedom enclosed in a brass box with gold thread and tassels is connected to the leather cover. Baronship was granted to the wealthy Dr. F. L. Dael von Koeth-Wanscheid from the German city of Mainz. The hand painted document is created in illuminated calligraphy with gold leaf letters on parchment and signed by Archduke Ludwig III and dated 1857.  An elaborate crest and coat-of-arms, created for the new Baronship, is masterfully and artistically painted. This authentic, historical and unique document is a piece of art and of great importance.  This museum worthy piece is the only one of it’s kind and it is amazing that it has survived in such a fine state of preservation.  The document is accompanied by the English translation of it’s contents. 


Measurements: H 16.5” x W 11.5 x D ⅝”

Weight: 2 lbs 5 oz


Cover - Leather

Pg 1  - inside cover, covered in silk

Pg 2  - blank paper

Pg 3  - document on parchment

Pg 4  - document on parchment

Pg 5  - document on parchment

Pg 6  - blank parchment

Pg 7  - inside back cover, covered in silk

Back cover - Leather



“This document is the award of a Baronship to Dr. Friedrich Ludwig Dael von Koeth-Wanscheid from the city of Mainz in the Dukedom of Hessen.  The award is granted by the Archduke LUDWIG III by the grace of God Archduke of Hessen at the Rhine.


This Baronship entitles the recipient of the grant and all of his current and future legal offspring, of either sex, to all of the privileges and rights of a Baron, in the Arch Dukedom of Hessen.  It also entitles them to the use of the seal and coat-of-arms, which is described, in detail further on in this letter. 


This letter also orders any subject of the Archduke, regardless of their rank and title to honor the title and privileges of the recipient and his offspring, and warns them not to prevent them or have others prevent them from the use of the coat-of-arms and seal.


The letter is signed by the Archduke, himself and dated Darmstadt February 25, 1857.”


19th Century German Baronship Document, Archduke Ludwig III of Hessen

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