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This large bust, depicting the Countess du Barry, was made after the 18th century original by Augustin Pajou. It is in the Louvre collection. He was the premier sculptor to King Louis XV of France. The celebrated sculptor rendered du Barry’s portrait first in terracotta before he carved it in marble. It is considered his best work. This bust is made in terracotta with a rarely used technique of covering the surface with white glaze. The glaze gives a strong decorative power to this graceful and dignified rococo sculpture. Countess du Barry was the last Maitresse-en-titre (chief mistress) of Louis XV of France.


Condition: Good. Some slight transparent spots in the glaze. Fine age craquelure evenly distributed over the surface.

Measurements: H 24” x W 17” x D 10”

Weight: 37 lb.


19th Century Glazed Terracotta Bust of Countess du Barry after Augustin Pajou

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