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19th century Grand Tour Intaglio Souvenir Cameo, 24-karat Museum framed


This cameo features a landscape of the hunt. Stag symbolism appears in a number of myths. The boastful hunter, Actaeon was turned into a stag by Artemis and hunted by his own hounds. The framing is exquisite giltwood with carved corners. Double matted in linnen. Inner mat is beveled with a delicate giltwood liner. In the early European Grand Tour these intaglio were made for and sold in museums of London. These items were initially made in precious stone for the super wealthy and were used to impress wax seals on documents. As they popularized a less expensive material (glass paste/plaster) was used and these keepsakes were made available in museums all over Europe. Many of these delicate plaster cameos did not survive. They have, therefore, become great collectors pieces and generally framed with great excess of care and delicate perfection.

Excellent condition.

Measurements: 18" H x 14" W x 1" D

Weight: 2lbs 10oz.

19th Century Grand Tour Intaglio Souvenir Cameo, 24-Karat Museum Framed

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