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19th Century Neoclassical Spanish Large Genre Painting attr.


Stunning oil painting on a large-scale canvas features a Gypsy musician serenading a group of nobility, including elaborately dressed ladies. The scene takes place in a romanticized garden setting on an early evening. The background is adorned with colonnades, statues and additional people. 


This Spanish painting has distinctive characteristics of French and Italian influence of the Baroque and Neoclassical periods. The brilliant artist has mastered the perfect use of chiaroscuro, the interplay of light and dark. The subject and masterful technique indicates it was created by the hand of Jose Jimenez Aranda (1837-1903), a Neoclassical, Spanish artist whose works are inspired by the art of the seventeenth century. Although unsigned, several professional opinions suggest that Aranda is the creator of this work.


Condition: Good.  Painting is relined.  There is a small repair (touchup) in the upper left.

                             Painting is framed.



W 69.25” x H 50” x D 3”

19th Century Neoclassical Spanish Large Genre Painting attr.

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