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This French antique passmenterie is created, circa 1800. A round netted top is connected with a thick twisted metallic gold bullion rope. This was used as a curtain tieback. Tassels are seen as far back as biblical times but it is the French who are credited with the evolution of the tassel into an ornamentation. As each tassel was made from such valued material like silk or metallic gold and silver threads, they became a symbol of wealth, power and prestige. King Louis XIV and his French Royal Court commissioned tassels to adorn the costumes of royalty and their residences. A tassel like the one we offer, is hardly ever found in this impressive over sized example.


The antique condition is good with appropriate signs of patina and wear commensurate with age and use. The tassel is accompanied with a second one without rope. This tassel has some shifted threads.


Each tassel is 11 inches long and 4 inches wide from the point where it joins the rope. Total length of the twisted rope is 68 inches, the thickness is approximate 3/4 inch.

Weight: 4 lb.

Antique French Huge Museal Metallic Gold Bullion Baroque Tassel

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