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Antique Austrian Goldscheider terracotta bust of Lorely, circa 1900 This is a superb and large Art Nouveau polychrome painted terracotta bust of the German river maiden, ‘Lorely” (Lorelei). This rare bust was created and modeled by the sculptor, “Simon” who worked for the famous Goldscheider manufacturer of Vienna. The bust is signed and numbered. It bears the impressed stamp of the Goldscheider factory on the reverse. Goldscheider was among the most dominant ceramic manufacturers of the late 19th century known for the masterpieces it created. Lorely is made famous by the saga and ballad. She was a captivating woman, a siren, who sits atop the cliff on the Rhine River, combing her long hair and leading boats men into deadly waters with her entrancing voice. The sculpture is in an excellent state of conservation with great patina.

To own a Goldscheider sculpture has always been a symbol of wealth and status.

Condition: Very good.

Measurements: H 18” x W 15” x D 9”

Weight: 11 lbs.

Austrian Goldscheider Terracotta Bust of Lorely, circa 1900

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