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This is a hand carved wood sculpture of a cherub, it is rendered in a typical early Baroque style, circa 1670.

The simple carving technique, which brings out a lot of character, indicates that it was a sacred space or altar decoration in a country church. 17th century. After about 350 Years this piece of art shows signs of wear. At an earlier time the carving was given a coat of white paint, which is still visible. Some fingers are missing. An original period handmade nail in the back of the corbel adds an interesting touch to the history. This is a great decorative piece, which can be hang on a wall or be suspended from the ceiling.

Size: H 19” x W 12” x D 7”

Weight: 4 lb 8 oz.

Baroque Hand Carved Putto, Ecclesiastical Corbel Angel Bavarian, Germany

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