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Chinese Hardstone Bi Disc


Decorative Chinese Hardstone Bi Disc with center hole with display stand. This warm buttery caramel colored hardstone disc is polished to an incredible satin finish.

Historically, a connoisseur object, stone bi discs have attracted admirers by their rich heritage, beauty and rarity. Early Chinese carved abstract objects have dated to 5000 BC and were likely intended for display as status symbols. Great efforts were involved in perfecting the shapes and lustrous finishes. Shaping this hardstone takes considerable skill. Today, these items convey both prestige and organic purity of design.


The disc comes with display stand as pictured.

Condition: very good. Wear due to age and use.


Measurements: H 14.5 x W 10” x D 6”
Diameter of disc 10.25” x Depth 1”

6 lbs.

Chinese Hardstone Bi Disc

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