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Gongshi or scholar's rocks are naturally occuring and vary in size and shape. Traditionally, these stones were appreciated by Chinese scholars and a subject of many traditional Chinese paintings. Gongshi are ideally showcased in a meditation place, thinking space, a library or in an office. The abstraction of these stones is said to draw the mind into the imagination. The interest of scholar's rocks is based on subtleties of color, shape (asymmetry is highly prized), markings and surface.


This natural rock sculpture varies in color and texture and appears very differently from every angle. The 15th Century sculpture comes on a newer carved wooden base.


Measurement: The scholar rock is approximately 5" x 5"

The entire sculpture: 6 1/2"h x 6" d


Condition: Good. As found.

Weight: 11 oz

SOLD -15th Century Chinese Scholar Rock Gongshi Meditation Stone Sculpture

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