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This extraordinary cinnabar lacquer box is a masterpiece and exemplary among the highest level of intricate masterful ancient Chinese traditional carving. The lacquer, which is applied in layers to the metal body, is carved deeply with scenery and figures who tell a Chinese story. The cinnabar has a rich deep vermilion or crimson red color. The lacquer on this box has gone through different tests to ensure it is genuine. The top, bottom and the inside of the box is enameled in white. The lid has a beautiful Chinese landscape miniature painted on it and the inside of the lid is decorated with leaves and flowers. The underside of the box is marked “- Made in China- CHUNG HSING-” This is a wonderful example of Chinese sculptural artistry.


Condition: Very good.

Size: 3 ¼” height x 3 ¼” diameter.

Chung Hsing Chinese Genuine Cinnabar Carved Lacquer Box, circa 1900

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