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These beautiful and rare carvings are polychrome and gilded. The columns are graduated. Decorative carvings, composed of fruits, grapes and vine leaves, spirally turn the shaft. The turned capital and base are later. At the time of the carving, the back of the columns were hollowed out to reduce the tension of the wood. These Solomonic columns are early Baroque (closer to 17th Century than 18th Century) the time before Baroque became more ornate. The bases and capitals are replaced. The columns may have been mounted on square bases, which would make them taller for architectural use. The polychrome paint is mostly original. There is some paint touch up and regilding noticed. The columns are beautiful in there simplicity.


Condition: Wear commensurate with age. Some re-gilding.

Size: Height 48 ½” x diameter 9”

Weight: 22 lbs each.

Early 18th Century Large Pair of Wood Carved French Baroque Solomonic Columns

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