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Expressive Realism Oil Painting Still Life of Sunflowers. Signed E. Gotzmann (1881-1950) This is an exceptional still life painting by Emmy Gotzmann, the primary student of the German artist Max Pechstein (1881-1955). She was considered equal to or even superior to her teacher. Emmy Gotzmann, a Jewish women painter, is classified as a post impressionist. Her last exhibit was in 1942 in Berlin. She rejected the third Reich’s guidelines for the arts and stopped creating more paintings. Due to the bombings of Germany most of her works were destroyed. This painting escaped the bombing of Berlin, where most of her paintings were on exhibit. The surviving paintings are almost impossibly to find and consequently highly valued.


Measurements: Image only: 27" width x 31 3/4 height With frame:33" width x 38" height x 2" depth

Expressive Realism Oil Painting Still Life Sunflowers, E. Gotzmann

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