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This exquisitely carved putto (#2 of 2) was originally part of a group on a high altar from an early Baroque church in Bavaria, Germany. Carved of limewood, it is expertly crafted with masterly attention to detail. Its face is characterized by bulbous cheeks, small mouth and spherical chin. The putto sits upright on a later faux marble base with his arms pressed against his chest. The beautiful representation of the subject with its flamboyant Baroque style indicate this is the workshop of the Bavarian wood sculptor family, Martin Zuern, circa 1650. The family is known for elaborate high altars crowned with statues and putti. They carved for many of the churches in the region. The Zuern family was among the most important and productive families of sculptures in Southern Germany during the 16th and 17th century. Generations of the Zuern family continued to be active to complete various commissions for churches in the area into the early 18th century.


This putto is in original condition and retaining its original polychrome. This work is as charming as it is important. It is a high quality example of the distinctive style and workmanship of one of the most skilled woodcarvers of the German baroque.


Measurements: 31" H x 16" W x 14" D

Weight: Approximately 25lbs. (each).

German Baroque Wood Carved Life Sized Putto, Original Polychrome #2 of 2

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