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Happy laughing Buddha, large hand carved Chinese standing statue with child at his feet. This antique fat and happy Buddha, with his huge smile, is hand carved out of one piece of wood with exquisite detail and beautiful wood finish. He carries a stick on his back that holds a sack of gold. His robes cover both his shoulders leaving his round belly free to rest on his tied belt. Circling his neck is a hanging string of beads, known as pearls of wisdom. The necklace has a large amulet with three tassels. He holds a wealth ball in his left hand which attracts prosperity. He also is wearing a large hat, representing a long happy and healthy life.

The laughing Buddha was a famous monk who wandered in ancient China 1100 years ago and brought joy wherever he went. He is the Buddha of abundance and happiness. It is believed he will bring wealth and prosperity to home or business. Many claim he makes problems disappear.


Condition is good. The age is apparent in the deep rich color of the wood. There are a few dry wood cracks. One hand appears to be repaired.

Measurements: H 23” x W 12” x D 10”

Weight: 16 lb.

Happy Laughing Buddha, Large Hand Carved Chinese Standing Statue, Child at Feet

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