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The pear shaped body is rising from the short splayed foot to a waisted neck and flared mouth. The excellent, masterfully casted bronze is decorated with the finest seigaiha pattern. Rich warm brown patina completes the beauty of this Chinese style bronze vase. Near the neck are three Chinese characters in repetition casted in high and deep relief. Their meaning translates to, “FU, LU and SHOU”, three deities in Chinese folk religion, representing Prosperity (FU) Status (LU) and Longevity (SHOU).


At one time, the vase was converted into a lamp. Three small holes for electrical cords are drilled in the base rim. A minor surface impression is noticed on the lower part. Excepting this, the bronze is in excellent condition.

Measurements: 14.5” height x 14” diameter

Weight: 13 lb and 8 oz.  

Large Japanese Meiji Period Archaistic Style Bronze Vase

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