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Many export paintings were known for their skillful treatment of subject and brilliancy of color; This painting is no exception. These types of export paintings were highly regarded Chinese mementos of life in Canton during the 19th century and were created to capture of the atmosphere of that particular region. The subjects varied from colorfully costumed women and Chinese occupations to scenes of torture. They were once very popular with the English and considered the ideal way to take a piece of China home. This work depicts four costumed figures and a table in watercolor and gouache on pith paper. The use of pith keeps the paint from seeping into the paper and the color instead, like an enamel, sits on top maintaining it’s vibrancy. The art is beautifully matted and wood framed with decorative metal plates.

This work is unsigned.

Condition: Very good. Not examined out of the frame.

Measurements: 17" W x 13" H - with frame 11 3/4" x 7 1/4" - image only Weight: 12 lbs.

SOLD -Late 19th Century Chinese Canton School, Framed Pith Paper Export Painting

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