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Original Gilbert Stuart Oil Painting Portrait of Henrietta Hillegas (Mrs. Joseph Anthony) ca. 1796


Exquisite portrait by the American painter Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828). We believe this original painting is a preliminary study of the prominent and wealthy society woman, Henrietta Hillegas (Mrs. Joseph Anthony) from Philadelphia. Henrietta’s father made his fortune in sugar refining and iron manufacturing and served as the first treasurer of the United States. The final portrait painting of Henrietta Hillegas is included in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


Stuart’s legacy is defined by the representation of human likeness and character, bringing his artistic greatness to each of his works, including his incisive portraits of George Washington. He was quite prolific, executing more than 1100 portraits. In his time he was considered to be the nation’s leading portrait painter. Like other artists of his caliber, he is remembered for his masterpieces, despite a pattern of failing to finish works that bored him. In disregard of this, he commanded high prices.  Stuart moved to Philadelphia in 1795 where he garnered commissions from the rich and famous in order to use their influence to requisite introductions to President, George Washington.


Condition: Excellent condition.  Unsigned. Frame is not original. Two stretcher bars replaced.


Measurements: 25" x 20" on canvas & 33.5" x 28.5" w/ frame.


Provenance provided upon request.


Price Upon Request

Original Gilbert Stuart Oil Painting Portrait of Henrietta Hillegas, ca. 1796.

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