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Vintage Limoges painting of The Virgin Mary, enamel on copper.


This serene and beautiful enamel painting is made in Limoges, the French city with a history of great Medieval enamel painting. The plaque is very finely hand painted in enamel on copper and then fired. The Virgin Mary is clad in rich cobalt blue. The enamel painting is on a yellow golden velvet backing and mounted in a Gothic Revival wood carved and polychrome frame. The back side is covered with an antique bible print.


Condition of the painting is excellent. Mild wear due to age and use.


Measurements: 12 ¾” H x 10 ¼” W x ¾” D

Weight: 14 oz.

SOLD -Vintage Limoges Painting of The Virgin Mary, Enamel on Copper

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